The day you took my hand
A thousand lies told me, that day
Why did you leave me?
A very dark day in my life, that day!

The memory bothers me
Cries without thinking of anything in is my mind
If you did not love me, you would not regret leaving me

Love is a beautiful feeling for life. For some lives, it’s like a wound. It is unbearable pain. There are people in this society who win life with that pain, as well as people who lost life with that pain. I have experienced such people. Accordingly, there are often two…

That day I found love
I fell in love with an elder that day
My feelings increased when I saw you that day
Didn’t think then what to do

She is a married beautiful young woman
The shape of the body is beautiful when she walks
Her voice is charming
Her hair is…

He was born into a poor family
Begging was his parents’ job
Their home was the road
Time passed

He inherited the same poor life
Begging was his job
He lived with his parents under a tree
One day he sees the pain in his mother’s and father’s feet
He feels sad…

Worked hard to create the character
Dedicated time to creation
To create it despite obstacles
The purpose is to create without give up

Learning many lessons about this
The challenge was to take first place in the fight
Many creations fighting for their character
New ideas can be seen in other creations…

She gave birth to me into this world
I was lovingly cared for from a young age
It bothers her that she only cares about me,
She suffers for me

I was born into this world as a fatherless child
Also, she is my mom and dad
She never gives up on…

You saw me out the window
You have fast erased my desolation
You did answer my heart question immediately
Who is dear you have stolen my heart?

The door behind the query opened
Dreams I saw going through the time with her
To my luck, she was a friend
Fortunately, the path is…

Photo Credit - Kalpa Sandaruwan

Mysterious Road (Poem Story)

Bright sunlight falls on the earth
That is the beginning of a new day
He is ready to leave the house as usual, for his job
He left the house saying goodbye to his mother

He prefers silence
Every day he is going to a job…

Your start can be very slow, moderate, or fast. To get a good start, your purpose must be clear. If the purpose is clear, it is very important to give it a good start. The start can be slow. Because you can have a lot to learn or create on…

Photo Credit - Kalpa Sandaruwan


Four friends organize a picnic
They woke up in the morning and were ready to leave
Nature was very peaceful that day
They got into the vehicle

They left for a picnic
They were fun happily
They watched many things
Night came

They intend to…

Kalpa Sandaruwan

Hello, I’m Kalpa. I’m an author, creative writer, game writer, music lyrics writer and production manager.

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